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Struggling Teens - Parent Outreach

Growing up, there were so many moments that I felt lost, confused, unloved, and even the idea of just belonging escaped me.

I remember not being sure of myself…

I remember feeling so much anxiety on whether or not people liked me…

I remember feeling alone as if no one really understood what I was going through…

My identity? Well, looking back, I realized- I didn’t have one. I had one that society had given me, but it was not who I am.

It was not until I was in my mid-late 20’s & working full-time as a gymnastics and dance coach that I began to see things from a different perspective. I started studying the art of self-love by playing with my life instead of forcing it. I began stepping out of my comfort zone and building connections with my passions, hobbies, and people who were on a similar path to me and that changed everything!

Now, why does this story matter?

Well… after coaching and teaching 1000’s of students over the past 18 years, I decided to take my coaching to the next level by opening my own business- ReMastering Your Life. I focus on motivating, inspiring, and transforming people on a deep, soul level through self-awareness and acceptance.

BUT… why does this matter to you?!?

Well, I am in the process of creating a program specifically geared towards struggling teens. I'm looking for 15-25 parents of teenagers to volunteer to let me interview them or their teen. That part is up to you.

While I am working on this new project (hooray for new things on the horizon!), it would be wonderful to hear your stories in order to fine-tune my ideas & make sure I’m on the right track.

If you’re up for a quick 20-30-minute zoom call with me in the next 2 weeks (February 24, 2023), I would love to connect with you. You don’t have to do anything other than show up and answer a few questions. Don’t worry; there’s no catch, no sales pitch — I just want to hear about your own unique stories in relation to your teenager even if they are out of that phase now.

I’m specifically looking for teenagers who can answer “yes” to *any* of the following questions: 1- Do they want to understand their anxiety, so they can feel better daily? 2- Do they often feel reluctant to make new friends? 3- Do they struggle with depression and cannot seem to articulate why? 4- Do they feel disconnected from school or the family in general? 5- Do they have a tendency to think they are not good enough and have no talents worth expressing? 6- Do they tend to hide or shut down when under stress? 7- Do they have things about their appearance that make them feel ugly and undeserving of love? 8- Do you want them to learn new ways in which to balance their mental and emotional bodies? 9- Do you want them to be/feel more inspired with their future? 10- Do you want them to live an awesome and empowered life through self-love and acceptance?

If your or their answer is “YES!” to any of these, then I would love your help. Please like this post and comment with an “I’m IN!” and I’ll message you to schedule our zoom call.

Your time and experiences are INCREDIBLY valuable to me and I’m so grateful for your help. Feel free to SHARE this post to your friends who you think would also be open to this.

The more, the merrier… the merrier, the greater impact you can help me have! 🙂

Thanks so much!🙏🏽

Many Blessings! Lükeż

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