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Life Coaching Services

Supporting Your Success

Life coaching services for intuitive life coaching, relationship coaching, reiki energy healing with physical coaching and physical training as part of the best life coach expertise you can find to remastering your life with results.

Need help to achieve your goals in life? ReMastering Your Life uses an array of skills to provide coaching services that give you the tools for success. In addition to 1-on-1 consultations, I regularly host workshops and seminars for people who are interested in developing their own life skills, as well.


*Emotional-Intuitive Life Coaching

*Reiki Energy Healing

*Physical Coaching/Training

*Intuitive Readings

*Trauma Therapy/Release Techniques

*Reiki Training/Workshops (all levels)

*Breath Work & Manifestation

*House Cleansing & Activation

*Couple’s Relationship Coaching

*Motivational Speaking

*Meditations & Activations

*Dream Analysis & Interpretation

**After your free consultation, I put together a package for what I believe will work best for you. Individual sessions are possible, but the most transformational changes take place inside a program with ReMastering Your Life. Enjoy reading the detailed descriptions below, and check out our FAQ...

Sunrise over Mountains


Guidance & Inspiration through Emotional Balancing

Throughout my reiki training, I was reminded of my gift of empathy. Empathy, the ability to feel the vibes of other people, is a gift, I believe, everyone has. All of the trauma and suffering we experience on a daily basis is inherently connected to how we perceive, process, and handle energy of ourselves and others. Through my use of the chakra system, along with my understanding of what a balanced versus unbalance energy system feels like, I guide my clients into finding inner-peace, deep transformation, and, ultimately, their path and purpose on this earth. Once we discover your lost feelings of confidence & your mission, a completely new life will present itself to you. By using my intuition and healing techniques, I help my clients change themselves for the better in a multi-dimensional way.


*Packages include meditations throughout services!

Reiki Energy-Healing Services

Embrace Life’s Challenges with Better Energy

Conventional Usui Reiki was developed by Mikao Usui nearly 100 years ago. This traditional system of holistic healing involves using images, visceral feelings, and symbols to create light within the body through the channeling of energy, which permeates our entire physical reality. Everything is energy! A good metaphor for this type of work is creating lighthouses inside the body that clear out stagnant energy, negativity, and emotional wounds. Once light and a clear, pure space are achieved, calling in an intention and purified energy to fill that space is what creates change for the client. While I have studied all levels of reiki (1, 2, & 3) with 2 different Reiki Masters, my style of healing is unique to me. Through my own path of self-discovery with the power of energy healing, I have developed my own images, additional energy pathways inside the human body and energy field, along with MANY different techniques of moving energy in and around a person. I create space for new things to enter your life.

Energy Healing
Group Dance

Physical Coaching & Training

Find a Better, Healthier Body

My movement background is EXTENSIVE as a student and teacher- musical theater, ages 7-19; gymnastics, ages 16-30; dance (ballet, modern, jazz, tap, contemporary, lyrical, strength & flexibility), ages 25-34; along with endless amounts of safety courses, physical training workshops, a degree in dance performance & education with a minor in kinesiology from UNT, 16 years of professional teaching experience (many years working full-time), and I have dozens upon dozens of books on biomechanics and holistic movement practices, such as yoga. In my 16 years of professional teaching, I have instructed every age from toddlers in mommy and me classes to college kids, working professionals, and the elderly. I have a strong passion for physical fitness and healing, so my services are far and beyond most people’s comprehension. I am a Jack of all trades! I love what I do and I will continue this work for the rest of my life. Thank you in advance! :)

Intuitive Readings

Get to the ROOT Cause

Some people may be triggered by this statement- I am a psychic. It’s true! Do I see the future? Well, sort of… the future is not written, but I do see where energy is leading someone based on where they presently are. I have a knack for seeing deeper into stories, I pick up intuitive feelings about situations and have many ways of working through difficult life dilemmas, and, if you were to research “psychic powers”, I have them all, clairvoyance being one of the most popular. I was more aware of these gifts before I hit puberty, BUT… you know how life is- we get distracted and forget our more imaginative and creative side of the brain to pursue our life’s goals. I have been doing readings for 5 years professionally now, but, when I think about it, I have been reading and guiding people based on intuition for a long time! My Reiki training was definitely the springboard for my current path as an Emotional-Intuitive Life Coach. The difference with this work is that it usually is connected to relationships people have and how they either want to make them better or find ways out of them.

Also, I do couple’s therapy!!

Crystal Ball
Reiki Therapy

Reiki Training, Courses, Classes, & Workshops

Get the Most out of Life

Self-Paced Online Course:

Reiki Level 1 - Self Healing - $275

Reiki Level 2 - Practitioner - $375

Reiki Level 3 - Master Practitioner - $475

**if you would like to do these courses without a custom

45 minute attunement session through zoom, $75 is

removed from the pricing.**

Group Classes (3-5 people):

Reiki Level 1 - $111 - 90 minutes

Reiki Level 2 - $222 - 120 minutes

Reiki Level 3 - ONLY PRIVATE


Group Classes (6-10 people):

Reiki Level 1 - $79 - 90 minutes

Reiki Level 2 - $145 - 120 minutes

Reiki Level 3 - ONLY PRIVATE


Reiki Sharing Workshops (4+ people):

30 minutes - $22

60 minutes - $33

90 minutes - $44

Breath Work & Manifestation

The soul speaks through breath.

Our bodies (physical, emotional, intellectual, energetic, etc) run on an interdependent, multi-dimensional network. They are all different parts of ourself that must be in alignment and in harmony with one another in order to create the life of our dreams. Through the power of our beliefs and feelings we create everything that we manifest into our physical, earth-based plane of existence. The one thing that connects all of the different bodies together is our awareness and conscious use of the breath. Breath, along with our faith and belief in ourselves and the world around us, are what facilitate revolutionary and lasting change for our current destination, what I like to call “our timelines”. Through the use of different breath techniques and visualizations, I assist clients into a different internal awareness that they can then clear, build upon, and actualize something new and enjoyable. I make no guarantees when It comes to “forever healed, forever changed”… none of that nonsense is real! Life is a challenge, there Is no question about it, but I focus on how we respond to those challenges- with control, wisdom, and courage. I am here to help encourage people to live their best lives. I am here for change.


House & Home Cleansing

“A clean mind has a clean home.”

Keeping your house clean and tidy has been proven to lower stress levels, increase productivity, and better overall energy levels. While many think to clear out the physical mess, the energetic gunk is just as important.

That argument last week…

the days of depression over loss…

the stagnant energy from places unvisited… all of these vibes can stick to the walls and objects inside a home and lead to future discord, areas where the home/you feel “off”, and spots that siphon your energy.

I can clear all of these issues with a home cleansing & activation. A complete energy report, power prayers for the space, and encouraged maintenance routines will be provided after the session is complete.

60-90 minutes

Motivational Speaking

Pump up the ENERGY

Through my many years of coaching and training students, along with other teachers, making speeches of encouragement have become my specialty. I keep it real, use humor as form of connection, and leave people feeling touched in their heart space. I teach people to self-motivate through belief, wisdom, and empathy.

Examples Include:

*Business Environment Morale

*Team Building Workshops

*Sports Team Trainings & Workshops

All of these services are set, individually, based on the event type and number of participants.

These can be short and brief (say a graduation speech) or long and thorough (such as a half-day employee workshop or sports training).


Meditations, Activations & Energy Attunements

Realign & Rebalance

Sometimes, all we need is a little boost.

I specialize in custom, pre-recorded meditations for people to help guide them into a specific state of mind or feeling. These types of meditations can be purchased after at least one session is completed, but 3 or more sessions is better. They are uniquely designed and tailored for you to help regulate issues discovered during our work together and are built around the themes for your distinct areas of growth. Your 15-minute recording will have 5 affirmations, a new narrative about your life story, and 3 energetic visualizations to help process your current life and start creating a new one.

This goes great with many packages as it can be done as often as you like and keeps your energy gaining momentum. Repetition is key!

Dream Analysis & Interpretation

Relax, Unwind, & Release

Have you had a reoccurring dream throughout your life and wondered why? Have you woken up and felt so bombarded by feelings that you cannot process what that dream was about, yet how you feel?

Dreams are the realm of our subconscious mind. They show us our deepest feelings and thoughts through images, themes, colors, and our perception of the environment.

An avid dreamer, I have been exploring the dream state, unconsciously & consciously, my entire life. Exploring the deeper meanings and connections to our current, past, or future life is fun for me. Send me an email, audio message, or video message of your dream and I will analyze it, offer comfort, and provide guidance for what your next steps should be to learn from your dreams or, better yet, start living them. Your video should be no longer than 10 minutes and you will receive a 20 minute breakdown of themes, archetypes, and guidance on how to process and proceed forward.

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