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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your fees?

Depending on the service, length of session, and number of sessions purchased as a package, fees can range from $25-500+.

What is energy work?

Energy is the subtle, yet powerful, energy around and inside the body. A trained energy worker can sense & channel energy to provide a client healing and transformation.

How do I know if these services are right for me?

The great thing about ReMastering Your Life is that the first consultation is completely free! During the first consultation, a prospective client will spend 15 minutes discussing issues they are having, what their goals are, and what is standing in their way. From there, if we feel we can help you, a second FREE 30-minute consultation will given outlining the findings and possibilities for that client, along with options of how to proceed forward as a student with ReMastering Your Life.

Do you have any social media platforms where I can see your content?

What a great question! Yes!! ReMastering Your Life is on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, & TikTok. All of the content through those platforms are free, but tend to be general tips, tricks, and advice for how to live a better life. Longer content is found through YouTube.


For a personal and deep transformation, 1-on-1 coaching is always best. 

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