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Ascending into


Group of Friends

Aimless to Empowered Teen Development Course

Ancient Secrets for Parenting Teenagers:


All Relationships thrive in heartfelt 

connection, appreciation, and acceptance


How is your relationship with your teenager?



Come & Discover…


… the tools and techniques that will transform your relationship with your teen 

by teaching them the art of Self Love, Understanding, Compassion, & Drive…



Parenting can be fun, educational, and entertaining!

It is supposed to be.


It is time to start enjoying being a parent again.


All you need is to get the variables in your parenting equation adjusted correctly so you can be your child’s hero, not their villain!!!


Have you been

wandering from books… 

…to videos 

…to the advice from other parents?


How’s Society’s Mass Programming of “How to Raise Kids” working out for you?

There is NO one-size-fits-all way to anything anymore.


So what do you do?!?


You find help! but where?!?

Well, stop for this next moment and dial in to what I have to tell you.


What if I can I guarantee you that in 10 short weeks you and your teen can completely revamp your relationship and accelerate their eagerness to become the best version of themselves? 

They will become the more responsible, heart felt, and purpose-driven adults they are meant to become! Does that sound comforting?


At this point, you may be wondering who I am… Why am I even bringing any of this up?


Hello, my name is Lükeż, but many students over the years have charmingly called me “Master Luke.” Let’s just say I have some superpowers, especially in dealing with energy, emotions, and communication within relationships. Many have said, “He has Jedi Mind Powers! How does he make things just happen?!?” ☺ (again, ancient secrets…)


As a teenager, life was very complicated for me. I was following my passions and chasing my dreams, but there was a lot of backlash in the 90’s and 2000’s for “feminine” boys in the arts, especially if you were deeply emotional, which I still am. The world was not as encouraging as it is today. The kids living now are blessed to have so much more diversity and acceptance among their peers. But with more diversity can come more resistance in smaller pockets of society. We have all seen the unrest in our World over the past few years. That hate and violence can be strong currents, but we must continue floating downstream.  There is always going to be a battle over the Self- it is our self-control versus society’s control of us. 


So, which side do you fall on? 

How do you want your teen to turn out? 

A sheep among the masses or a lion leading the pack?


I have created a new program for teen development, called Ascending into Adulthood!

And I promise… you will see a difference in the first few weeks!


When it comes to parenting your teen–


Do you often feel like you have no idea what you are doing?


You know you are trying your best, but something is just off… right?


What’s right comes out wrong, 

What’s “wrong” almost comes out right… but not quite!


You are not doing things the way YOUR parents did, which might have been a disappointment for you or not, but, even though you are doing it the way you think is best, things are still not advancing the way you imagined them to be. You are unfulfilled or you feel they are… It might be both.


Your relationship with your child used to be special, but after the body hair and smells showed up🤣, you are thinking to yourself- “where did my baby go?!? Do I even know this person?” 


The honest truth…


You may not know them. People change and in 18 years, they were bound to change eventually.


The two of you were close and shared a unique bond, but now? Does it feel different? Do you feel the connection has shifted, if not broken? It is okay- relationships go through phases like the moon. What’s important is knowing how to work through those phases, which this program is designed to teach your teen and you.


But be honest with yourself, have any of those thoughts ever crossed your mind?


Here, at ReMastering Your life, I know how to solve many of the who, what, when, where, why, and how questions on parenting teenagers. Plus, I have 20+ years of experience working with teens to help guide you, your teen, and your family.


I have holistic ways of reconnecting you to your teen while empowering them to be the best version of their young-adult Self.


This program is not about telling them what to do. 

because who wants another dictator in their life, right? Nobody!


I SHOW them the power within themselves so they can tap into their own energy well of greatness and start creating something meaningful to them! Remember, Success is not a one-size-fits-all process. It is uniquely tailored to each person, their expectations, and their abilities. All of which can be amplified and grown with the right tools and nurturing process.

I am sure you intend great things for your kids! Most parents, if not quite all of them, do want the best for their kids! 



While I had a very supportive and engaged mother, my life growing up was turbulent. We moved quite frequently, I was the oldest of 3 children in a single-parent-home, plus having to be responsible and wise was not really a choice growing up... It was a fact of life. I had no other option, but to grow up quickly and do it with a smile on my face and in my heart. With no male role models (well, different ones coming in-and-out of my life, as my mother was married multiple times during my childhood), I had to find my own inner voice to help guide me down the path I am on now- the path of the teacher. 


I want to know…

Has the communication between you and your teenager become monotonous or, even, unbearable?


Are there times you wonder “why are they so upset?”

“Are they upset with me?”

“Did I do something wrong?”

“What am I missing and not doing?”

“I thought I had this figured out!!”


Let’s keep this simple- we all want to do better with our kids than our parents did with us…


BUT we all fail. 


Not because we didn’t do our best, but because we did not have all the tools or wisdom to know differently.


You did the best with what you had and what you knew at the time! Own that!


The FIRST and BIGGEST gain your teen will achieve from this program is energy maintenance. 


The modern world is FULL of things we need to do on a day-by-day basis and it has only increased more-and-more over the past 10-20 years thanks to technology! 🙂


Now, you know it well- 

*Endless to-do lists

*People to keep up with



*ALL the things we didn’t plan for today, but showed up anyways. This one… 🙄

*Work, always work…


Wait, did I mention rest? LOTS of rest!


The list goes on-and-on, right?!? IT. IS…… A LOT! 


(go ahead and take a big breath in for me…

Now, exhale that breath with a nice, big SIGH)


Do you feel a bit better? It’s okay if you don’t. Maybe try it again… We will get there.


Let’s take a change of pace…

Outside of the personal & emotional side of parenting-


Do you worry about your child’s ability to be independent with schoolwork… 


friendships… or future love relationships…

what about their future job??


Parents worry about a lot of stuff!


You know, maybe they can get things done, but does it always require motivation, bribes, or conversations you have had 100 times? You may feel it rarely comes from their own thoughtful choices, right? They need YOU to get things done and… let’s be honest. That can be EXHAUSTING!


I want/NEED to tell you something really quick--

YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! You never were and you never will be…

There is always help and support when you know the right places to look.


Next, the second GAIN, after they get a hold of their energy system and how they delegate things for themselves, they will build confidence in who they are as a person and what types of goals they want to set for themselves- physical, mental, emotional, educational, financial… We will be exploring MANY!


While my program is made up of many bullet points, here at ReMastering Your Life, I believe in flexibility and spontaneity within our system structures. I do not want to tell them how to live, but I want to show them the options and empower them to make the best decisions for themselves. Ultimately, I have to live by example of the strength and power of the tools they will acquire in the Ascending into Adulthood program.


But… you still might be worried… 




WELL, raising kids, in general, can be a trying and complicated test of your patience, your grace, and even your trust. Not only with yourself but with your kids and anyone in your kids lives. The role models we pick and allow in our kids lives change EVERYTHING about who they become.


You might be thinking to yourself,


“Why can I not figure this out? How do I know this program will work?”

“When will this become easier? What if this will just be more work for me?”

“What if I fail as a parent or they fail as an adult?” This opens a HUGE topic!

“How will I ever make it through this? I can barely find time as it is…”

“Who am I becoming? Who are they becoming? What if I am scared to change?”

& “Where will this all go?”


Before I answer that, let me ask a question:

Are you thinking any of those things?


*they are making the “wrong friends”

*they seem aimless and/or lack direction

*you have done everything you can think of, but are still falling short of that “perfect relationship” you used to have with them


Let me put this out for you and see how it lands in your heart…


The number one thing I learned as an athlete was consistency and direction. 

Practice, Practice, Practice!!!


Over the 30,000 hours I have spent coaching children, teens, young adults, and seasoned adults, I have learned one thing: We can always provide structure, but we, as teachers, have to be flexible to the needs and possibilities of the student &/or the group of students. We cannot let our ego get in the way. 


What I deliver is YEARS of practice and practical application teaching teens! These methods are tried and tested, changed and adapted. PLUS, they are ever adapting and growing as each student comes, learns, and applies changes in their own lives. 


What I promise you is a well rounded way of teaching your child how to prioritize all areas of their health to become beautiful and productive, awe-inspiring and creative members of society.




What is success? To a teen or a parent of a teen??


Success, to me, is a giant equation full of enough variables to drive any person to madness or, at the very least, to their knees. It is easier to show someone else how to be successful than for our Self to implement and create success on what we probably already know is right. That is why outside help is so benevolent and beautiful- it is not tainted by our own perception of what is. Everyone needs a support system, so let me and my program be that for you. I got you!


The third GAIN, but certainly not the last thing they will navigate, is better functioning relationships. 


When we have a clear sense and understanding of who we are and what our purpose/mission is, navigating relationships becomes clearer. 


We know how to set boundaries. 

We know the power of holding expectations in relationships. 

AND we know this because we know ourselves. 


As Socrates once said, “KNOW THYSELF!”


Help your child be better by giving them the gift of Self Realization. That alone is priceless!


Help them excel in their Life by offering them the options to build their own success story. 


When you turn over the reins, I promise, miracles will happen. Trust the process!!!


Now, here is the last piece of this part of the puzzle…


Why do I consider myself a master in my field? How did this all start?


After spending my childhood as a choir/musical theater nerd and a high school competitive gymnast, I began teaching, professionally, in 2005 as a full-time competitive/recreational gymnastics and dance coach, but I have to confess- as I mentioned, growing up as the oldest child in a single-parent family had me teaching and helping those “who came after me” since I was very young. My sister was born in 1991 and I remember walking into the hospital room and thinking: “mommy is going to need help. She has no one but me…” 


JUST IMAGINE a 4-YEAR-OLD having those thoughts... 


That moment was pivotal for me, but I remember not being scared. I had a fire under me pushing me to grow up and be strong and not just for myself, but for my loved ones. Family values are everything to me!


I have always been determined & adventurous, “overly honest” & outspoken (not to mention comically witty), & it is all wrapped up with having a very soft heart through my empathy for people. I love people! Helping the coming generations that will succeed our own is my mission and purpose. Betterment & advancement are what I teach best. Motivation through knowledge & power through passion.

I have dedicated my life to instilling lessons and deep truths about what it takes to be successful to what is now over 2500 students, hundreds of which were teens. Many of these students have moved on to having healthy marriages, successful/decorated careers, and even their own kids which are a part of my life today. Teaching SO many students over nearly 20 years has been nothing but humbling and rewarding. I love my “work”!


Last piece of history, in 2012, after 7 years of being very successful in my coaching career, I decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Dance Education and Performance with a minor in kinesiology and music, not to mention the extra electives on human psychology and development.  I graduated Magna Cum Laude, second in my class, from the University of North Texas (2018). SO many thanks can be given to my professors, many of whom had been in their career as educators for 40+ years. I am honored to have walked beside giants in education. To be honest, I have felt lucky… Most of my life, I was gifted with teachers who had been educators with monumental and lengthy careers. The wisdom I gained from my 6 years of pursuing my degrees is priceless and I feel humbled to share what I know about living our best life and how to do it. 


Just, PLEASE, remember, we are far more than just our bodies and minds. Our energy, beliefs, routines, habits- they all speak to the vastness of our multidimensional Self. I teach how to explore all these dimensions simultaneously so anyone can master the art of self-love, acceptance, and pride.


Yes, even your (sometimes) crazy and whacked out teen… I got this! I will help them AND you!


But, enough is as good as a feast, as Mary Poppins says. You are certainly dedicated by arriving here at the end. You are deeply connected to the love and care you have for your teen. Props to you!!!


Thank you for taking the time to connect and receive this document. I am grateful for you.


If you want to know more about this program, my story, and/or my work/services, 

reach out on any social platform through DMs or use the contact information below.



940.222.9087 (text or call)

Company Website


All social media platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, & Facebook, the handle is ReMastering Your life. It is full of loaded advice, funny moments, and services available through ReMastering Your Life.

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