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Client Testimonials

Happy Clients

Amazing Reading! He was totally spot on so much that I had a session with him directly after... it was just as great! I would suggest him to anybody! He's straightforward, he gives great advice, and was just so SPOT ON! I can't thank you enough, Lükeż!


Wonderful! LOTS of advice on how to improve my situation and build my confidence! :)

China Doll

Magnificent session, as always! He always shows me the reality of what I'm doing to help guide me and he ALWAYS guides me in the right direction! I have seen him 31+ times now... that just proves how much I trust him! He's got superhero intuitive powers!!! He is my mentor, my inspiration... He always lifts me up! I feel so lucky!

Miss Jaya

Lukez is great! I LOVE his energy! Work with him, you will not regret it! HIGHLY recommended!!!


He is wonderful! Highly recommended! He is like talking to a friend. Very accurate! Picks up on situations fast! 🙏🏻💞


The Master tells it like it is and how he sees it. I adore his personality!


Loved his energy! ooooook... I guess I can do that! So grateful for our session- it brought me chills! He has a gift!


Master Lukez is my new best friend! I wish I had his exceptional gifts! HIGHLY recommended!


He is insightful! He helped me look at a different side of my choices. If he helps others the way he helped me, the world will be a different place!


I LOVE Master Lükeż! His energy is OUT OF THIS WORLD amazing! Told me a lot about my POI and just made me open my eyes a bit more! I can't thank him enough for being honest with me. I highly recommend HIM!! He's a sweet guy.


No less than a spiritual advisor who sees so clearly for you to have such a wide spectrum of clarity and accuracy. Just another level... such a gem and incredibly gifted!


He's got such a kind, friendly spirit... He's amazing!!☺️


He's always amazing! Uplifting and makes me focus on what can be done rather than manifesting what can't be changed!  He makes me grin from ear-to-ear with his positivity. He gives it straight, but puts a positive spin on it. He is infectious! Thank you


Fiercely Brilliant ! Quick and sharp ! Gets to the point in a very positive, upbeat way. Very very gifted! :) Thank you!


He is very detailed and blunt! 🥰 He will tell it how it is and literally says things that you couldn't even put into words. ❤️ soooo positive!


I came into our session sad and hopeless, but, by the end, I was laughing hysterically. "It's like a zombie movie, before you know it, they've overrun the city!" 😂 Thank you so very much!


What an absolute sweatpea. Honest, genuine, insightful... I'll be returning to Lükeż for sure. Just 100% warm, healthy vibes.


Amazingly on-point. Immediately connected with my energy and provided really wise guidance. Absolutely recommend!


I love how he connects deeply INSTANTLY! Thank you so much for another insightful session! 💗🥰🔥💯 Phenomenal! Everything he said just makes perfect sense and he hits so many targets! I'll be back for more questions!!!


I really like Lükeż advice, he is great at what he does and is so compassionate. 100% right on everything he picks up. Thank you so much!


What a beautiful spirit with a beautiful gift! ❤️


He is absolutely amazing! He has a wonderful vibe and is very professional with his delivery. He responded quickly and gave me A LOT of details regarding my situation! I absolutely recommend him! He is friendly, honest, and has a great sense of humor! Straight to the point and tells it like it is. I am happy with my sessions with him and I KNOW you will be, too! Thank you so much for the clarity!


very relatable and straight forward! Thank you!


For me, this was one of the most amazing authentic readings on my situation. Great connection and guidance for my situation. Much appreciated! Thank you again, so much!!! 💞🐢💞


I love love loved how accurate and spot on this was! Totally delivered with amazing energy!!! VERY helpful!


Oh Master Lükeż... you blow my mind every time. You are soooo awesome! 💗🙏🏻💗 Thank you for another eye-opening, fantastic session. You make me cry and laugh at the same time. You pick up on small details so well and are continually spot on. Thank you for being an uplifter and helping me find clarity and ways to align to my higher purpose and timelines. Love and Light to you! You are, by far, the best coach I have worked with in YEARS! Although the truth can be painful, you helped me see it with positivity!


Your session was amazing! Thank you! It actually took me hours to just sit with it all. I watched the recording over-and-over. There were moments where you confronted me with some very uncomfortable truths about myself, and I'm appreciative and not used to hearing anyone call me out on my shadow qualities. I love your energy and frank openness that feels like one-on-one with a friend.


Such a kind, wonderful, intuitive, and empathic person and so, SO helpful! He gave me such constructive advice!!


Whoooooaaa! Insane energy! There wasn't anything generic about him. I can't thank Master Lükeż enough for his guidance!


Just wonderful! Beyond talented- he will provide you with such clarity and advice for handling your situation. I felt such peach of mind after connecting to him. He is truly gifted! I am convinced after seeing tons of coached that HE is the most sincere. He will put you on a path you need to be on! He's THE DEAL! I am at peace!


Our session almost made me cry because I never realized some of the things he said. Now that I know, I will take heed to what was said to me. Thank you! 🙌🏻💜


A true angel you are, brother! Beyond wonderful!


Perfect way to get the information that makes sense for what I am working on. I adore the vibrant energy and his natural flow during each session. I believe I found a favorite coach! I immediately booked another session!!!


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