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A Co-Creative Universe

I think that sometimes spiritual people &/or over thinkers/self judgers take too much responsibility for the things that are happening in their lives.

There is this misconception that we have complete and total control of how we manifest our lives around us, but I don’t think that’s true.

That mentality would mean that we are the ONLY person in our universe and everyone else is just nonexistent and a complete reflection of us. That, simply, is not the case…

How we perceive them is what the reflection is.

Not everything happens because of us.

Sometimes, it happens because of them...

We are in a coexisting universe where we all make decisions together and, no matter what we do, the choices and decisions and actions of others do directly affect us.

As much as I want to believe the romantic notion we can just “hop timelines“, I think there are limits to that.

We are not God and we were placed in this reality surrounded by our circumstances and difficulties for a reason.

That whole mentality that I/we can just “escape“ all of our issues by just “believing it“...

I think...

is the ego lying to us.

As much as we create, so do others.

Look at how many good people go through hell simply because of the choices of others.

We can only do so much and it is humbling and soul-changing to admit and accept that reality.

You made this reality and so did they…

so live TOGETHER in it.


Thank you 🧙🏻‍♂️💞☯️

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