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What Religion Does Reiki Come From?

Reiki is an ancient healing art that pre-dates the Bible and many other religious texts. While many people claim that Reiki is from one religion or another, the truth is that it transcends religion.

The universal energy that is Reiki flows through each of us no matter what religion or belief structure we follow. This universal energy has no beginning, and no end, and flows freely to where it is needed. It does not judge or choose who should receive it. It simply goes to where it is drawn unconditionally. There are many faiths that may deny Reiki's abilities. This does not stop Reiki energy from flowing where it needs to go.

Mikao Usui

Mikao Usui was a monk born in 1865. Some references claim he was Christian, but most adhere to the fact that he was Buddhist. He was well-versed in many forms of healing and studied both Shingon Buddhism and Tendai. He used “life energy” as part of his healing methods. In the early 1900s, Usui fell critically ill. During his illness, Buddha came to him in a vision and provided him with several symbols and healing principles that he could use to help the people who came to him for healing.

He began to study Buddha's healing principles more closely and began to create the disciplines associated with Reiki. By focusing on the use of “ki” or “chi,” he could heal injuries and certain illnesses. He continued to work with his new method and eventually began to teach Reiki and its principles to others. Usui established clinics in many areas and began to instruct others on how to use it and its various principles for better health.

Religion or Spirituality

Religion is a belief system based on doctrine and dogma. Spirituality, on the other hand, is the belief in a higher power that guides, heals, and moves through the world in a variety of ways. Many religions speak of universal energy or healing touch. The Bible, for example, talks about the laying on of hands. In essence, this is what Reiki really is. It is the transfer of energy from one person to another in an attempt to elicit a healing response.

Since Reiki uses universal energy, it cannot be “owned” or attributed to one specific religion. Since it flows freely, it is accessible to anyone who is open to receiving the energy it offers. During an attunement, the recipient is opened up to the flow of energy, allowing it to move freely throughout the body. Once the channels are opened, the recipient can then focus the healing energy where it needs to go. In some cases, the universal energy will flow on its own if a need is felt.

Universal Energy

Universal energy flows freely throughout the entire cosmos. This same energy flows through all living things. A Reiki practitioner can use the healing energy on animals and plants as well as humans. It is non-discriminate in its power to heal. When Usui was developing his healing technique, he found that it could be used on any living thing. It could also be used to heal from a distance, proving that Reiki's energy had no boundaries.

Understanding how Reiki flows and moves through our world is the key to using it effectively. It will not go where it is not wanted, but it will search out places where it is needed. In essence, it is like all other forms of energy and will follow the path of least resistance.

Tying the Threads Together

Both religions and spiritual practices require both belief and faith in order to remain strong. Reiki follows this pattern as well. No matter what religion you are or how spiritual you may be, the belief that Reiki's universal energy can heal is necessary for it to be able to provide the most benefits. As a practitioner, accepting the gift of being able to transfer energy has many responsibilities that go along with it. The patient who receives Reiki must be willing to accept the healing energy so the body can begin the healing process. This reciprocal exchange benefits both parties equally.

Understanding How Reiki Works

Understanding how Reiki works can be difficult for many people who do not have a spiritual or religious connection. Religions and spirituality are based on the belief in a spiritual being. This also involves the unseen universal energy that connects all life forms. When healing takes place, many practitioners refuse to take credit. They are simply a conduit for the universal energy to flow through on its way to its destination. When a practitioner is using Reiki during a session, they may begin to feel emotions or links to the patient that provide them insight into their health. This is a very personal healing method and requires both patient and practitioner to be on the same page.

When it comes to Reiki and where its roots actually come from, it's hard to tell who first harnessed this amazing energy. Many religions may lay claim to it or may say they are responsible for developing it. Even Usui admits to rediscovering it through the visions Buddha gave him. It cannot be owned, labeled, or constrained to fit one religion or belief system.

Reiki is its own entity. It is the universal energy that weaves its way throughout the world healing all who accept and believe in its strength and power.

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