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What is an Intuitive Life Coach?

If your life is in shambles and you're at your wit's end trying to figure out where you went wrong, you might be looking for professional assistance. However, finding the correct type of professional assistance can sometimes be challenging. There are many routes to go, but which one do you choose? You may have even gone through therapy to no avail. One type of professional service that you probably haven't considered is a life coach, like those from ReMastering Your Life. In fact, a specific type of life coach, called an intuitive life coach, may help you turn your life around, so you can start living the life you're meant to live.

How Does a Life Coach Work?

A life coach is someone who has undergone special training and received certification to provide coaching services to individuals who need help managing their lives. This could relate to relationships, a person's career, and many other aspects. An intuitive life coach goes about guiding a person to their dream life through the use of emotional intuition. They guide you by what feels right. An intuitive life coach has specialized training outside what a traditional coach has to where some may call them a psychic. Whether you believe in psychics or not, intuition is something everyone, but Intuitive Coaches have spent years training their intuition through paths like healing modalities, such as reiki. This prepares the coach to be effective at helping their clients achieve their ultimate goals.

How Can an Intuitive Life Coach Help a Person?

An intuitive life coach can help a person attain a happier life in many ways. First, life coaching services take a careful and in-depth assessment of your life as it currently is. This will help the coach identify areas that could impede you from achieving your goals. Rather than simply creating goals, changing your habits, and teaching new skills, your intuitive life coach will work with you on a spiritual & emotional level, significantly increasing your chances of success. When we move through positive emotional and spiritual experiences, we connect deeper and results are more transformational. They will focus on your energy and take the necessary steps to transform it from negative to positive.

How Much Can I Expect to Pay for an Intuitive Life Coach?

Intuitive life coach services aren't “cheap”, but most people who invest in these services have been delighted with the results. Most life coaches charge approximately $150 an hour, but that's only a rough estimate. Some life coaches charge much less than $150 an hour, while others might charge significantly more. Be sure to research life coaches before deciding on one. If their prices are very low, almost to the point of being too good to be true, then they likely are too good to be true. A life coach with ample experience will charge what they're worth, and they won't try to entice people with super low prices.

Can an Intuitive Life Coach Really Help Me Live a Happier Life?

Studies have been conducted on people who have undergone life coaching versus those who haven't invested in coaching, and the results were astounding. Most people who invested in life coaching had achieved their life goals and were living happier, more contented lives than the ones who chose not to invest in coaching and, ultimately, themselves. Those who decided not to hire life coaches continued to feel as if they were stuck in a rut they could not get out of. However, some people were able to improve their lives without successful coaching, but not as many of them. Having a coach at your back amplifies the amount of success you can have and how fast you can get there.

How Many Life Coaching Sessions Are Necessary?

When it comes to determining how many life coaching sessions a person might need, it can be pretty difficult to determine. There is no set number of sessions, as each person is different and will have other challenges and different goals. Even if your life coach gives you an estimated number of sessions needed in the beginning, that number could change based on the results or lack of results. It takes some people longer to retain the information and skills necessary to change for the better, while others catch on right away. Many people master their goals in three to six months, while others could take as long as a year or even longer. There is no time limit on life coaching. Remember, every dollar spent on a coach is actually money spent on yourself. You are investing in yourself when you hire a coach.

Believe it or not, some people hire life coaches as semi-permanent fixtures as they go through different phases to reach certain milestones. For some people, this is the only way they will ever create the life they desire.

How to Accelerate Your Results

If you are on a budget or are especially anxious to achieve your goals, you want to accelerate your results when working with a life coach. Some ways to accelerate your goals are:

  • Listen to your coach and trust their advice. Don't pay for their services and then decide to "do your own thing."

  • Be active in your plan to change. Your life coach can't do everything; you must do your part. Even if you disagree with your coach's recommendations in the beginning, you will soon see positive results, so be patient. Trust the process by trying something new.

  • Be consistent. If your life coach has recommended an intensive plan with sessions several times a week or per month and you agreed to it, then stick to it. You won't see results if you aren't consistent.

If you're tired of living a drab, unfulfilling, and lonely life, you need to find your intuitive life coach today. Instead of watching life pass you by as you watch others live happily, you can be happy too. ReMastering Your Life’s CEO and head coach, Lükeż, is an expert life coach available to assist you with finally living the life you've only dreamed of. He is a professional with 18 years of experience, and can help you transform your life in no time, so reach out and schedule a session to him today.

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