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You know what fascinates me???


We are a society built upon technology and science.

You have a cold? Take a pill... You are balding? Get implants... Hungry? You can get in-and-out of a drive-through in under 5 minutes and have hot food inside your belly...

BUT>>> none of those things actually sustain you or treat the cause of the problem. They are bandaid solutions designed to get you up and going quickly so you can run off to the next thing on your to-do list at a lightning pace.

Rush, RuSh, RUSH and still... more to do and days that end with to-do lists through next year. We are a society of hustle and bustle... "Stay busy or you will not be successful." We hear the voices in our head speak.......

We have become reliant on these things to the point that we forget who we are, who we were....

Modern man has been around for 200,000 years!! We have so much wisdom and knowledge of how to eat, how to heal, how to live... how to BE human.

but, somewhere in the mix of the modern day culture, we have forgotten all of that. We have become subservient to instant fixes and dime-store-dozen deals. "More is better, less is bad," they say.

Who is this ominous they? Do they even speak truth? Do YOU know them?

YOUR truth lives inside you! You cannot search for it or find it anywhere. You already have it. It LIVES within you! Search your heart. It and YOU are there!

What if I told you that by doing less and being more that more would arrive automatically? That your ability to manifest abundance has less to do with how much you are doing and more to do with how much you are BEing?

God, the Universe, the Matrix, the Giant Egg that all existence comes from and lives in... It can hear your thoughts, your feelings, your intentions... It KNOWS you!

It, much like a computer program, is responding to your commands at all times. Every single command matters...

"I am not worthy of love." NO LOVE COMES (AT LEAST NOT HEALTHY LOVE)

"I cannot make X amount of money without sacrificing X, Y, & Z." YOU BUST YOURSELF OPEN TO HIT GOALS THAT STILL DO NOT SATISFY YOU. IT IS NEVER ENOUGH...

"I will not be happy until I find the perfect mate, get that job, or buy the house I want." SO YOU SEARCH AND SEARCH, WORK AND WORK... AND STILL- YOU ARE NOT FULFILLED!

It is a cycle of expectations and draining outcomes. We never feel the dream life we want because we are too busy making it happen.

Say, you do hit your goals... You spend 40 years busting yourself wide open, missing opportunities to develop your relationships, losing connections to people that you loved... All so you could retire by 65 and spend the rest of your life alone or with family/friends that no longer have that deep connection with you, if they are still there.

I say this today- Learn how to just BE. Learn how to do LESS and create MORE. LEARN to LOVE unconditionally. Learn what you need in your life involving respect and trust.

Once you download all that into your mind, heart, and soul... YOU WILL BE FREE!

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