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Holiday Stress... Deal or NO Deal?!?!

What is the worst part of the holidays for you?

Is it all the shopping? Maybe extra traffic? Traveling long distances? Dealing with people (especially those closest to us) at parties?!?

No matter what it is YOU are dealing with personally, the holidays are a lot for everyone! Many of us are running around at the speed of light trying to get the “basic” things done. The fact that is starts in October and ends on the New Year’s Day just adds that much more stress to our day-to-day laundry list of responsibilities and obligations we each have.

Many of us just put on a good front, play the part of miss congeniality, and keep on tracking the, sometimes, VERY troubled waters.


Don’t fret!!! There is a way to make it through the holidays with less stress and a happier demeanor (on the inside where it counts most) and it does not involve huge amounts of commitment or effort. Actually, most times it takes less than a minute or two to reset and shift our internal energy system, but it does take dedication and consistency to achieve lasting results, not to mention the effort of remaining present at all times. It is only in a state of presence that we take our power back.

When I first started doing energy work (Reiki specifically) over 10 years ago, I had NO IDEA the transformation that would take place in my life. As I practiced more-and-more and started using my energy system automatically (not that there is such a thing as a perfect auto-pilot), I started to become more calm and developed a deeper understanding of the nature of our reality and the part that I was playing in it. After years of dedication to understanding the human energy system, I have evolved into a better, more grounded, and overall happier person. I went from barely making it through most days to thriving most days.

Now, are there bumps in the road? Do we lose our ability to control our energy at different points in our lives? OF COURSE! But, the great thing is- by making conscious efforts to ground and use our energy deliberately, we become a more evolved, higher-vibed individual. People will like you more and not for being miss congeniality, but for being yourself. Being authentic. Being a human being living as close to their divine blueprint as possible.

So… Make a change today for the better, invest in yourself, and start taking reiki training with ReMastering Your Life.

Brightest Blessings & Highest Hopes!


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