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Does it really matter?

Are there moments (or days) you feel lost ?

Do you ever feel your life is on autopilot? Does that pilot even know where he/she/they are going? Does it matter if they know where they are going? Really, does it?!?

So many of you feel like everything needs to be planned out or have a solidarity of purpose, but do you need to plan it all? Do YOU need all the answers?

Simple answer-- no.

Let me give you a surprise...


.........but were you surprised though? Are any of us ever truly alone?

Getting in the swing of your life can easily turn monotonous and, before you even know it, you are building a habit or pattern that is not serving you. What you think was good or even great can turn draining or toxic because you never fully know the full effect of your choices until you are in the mix of it or past it completely. #hindsight2020


Here is where the title of this blog becomes manifest:

In the end (plus the middle and beginning), everything is temporary. Nothing lasts forever.

You knew that, didn't you?

So, if you know nothing last forever and that everything is just part of your journey, why stress over whether or not something matters or if you were wasting your time?

Because you are human. You have a biological mind that has ONE purpose- to decide whether or not something (or someone) is good/bad, happy/sad, a good investment/a waste of time.

The things is-- there is another person inside of you who does not see things in a polarized way. Your soul KNOWS that EVERY situation, every person, every experience, every trauma was meant for you and it did matter.

So, do not spend time (or energy) wondering if something was meant for you or if you are wasting your time. Those thoughts are polarized and are defined by YOUR perspective. Choose to know & BELIEVE that it all matters and it is all adding up to your entire multi-dimensional Self.

You are creating all your choices and outcomes. YOU are making your reality every moment of your life. BE happy and content with everything for it has made you who you are.


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